The Mission 778X Integrated Amplifier: A Comprehensive Review

The Mission 778X Integrated Amplifier: A Comprehensive Review

Saed Miran |

The Mission 778X represents a significant comeback in the world of high-fidelity audio. After nearly four decades, Mission has reintroduced an integrated amplifier that merges vintage charm with contemporary technology.

Design and Build Quality of the Mission 778X

The 778X sports a compact, half-width design reminiscent of its historical predecessor, offering a sophisticated, uncluttered aesthetic. The build quality is exceptional, featuring tactile controls and a well-damped, solid casing, ensuring durability and a premium feel.

Sound Performance

Sound quality is where the Mission 778X truly shines. It offers a beautifully balanced sound, suitable for various music genres. With a Class AB amplifier design, the unit provides 45W output into 8 ohms, sufficient to power most speakers. Its sound profile is detailed and cohesive, with a controlled dynamic range and expressive mid-to-high frequencies.

Connectivity and Features

Versatility is a key strength of the 778X. It includes an array of digital and analogue inputs, catering to modern and traditional audio sources. The built-in hi-res DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), based on the ES9018K2M chipset, supports high-resolution audio formats, ensuring superior sound reproduction from digital sources. The inclusion of a phono stage for vinyl enthusiasts and a dedicated headphone amp adds further appeal.

Value for Money

Priced at £549, the Mission 778X offers impressive value, delivering high-quality performance at a reasonable cost. Its versatility and sound quality rival more expensive models, making it a great choice for both budget-conscious and discerning audiophiles.


The Mission 778X stands out as a well-rounded, high-quality integrated amplifier. Its combination of sound quality, build, features, and price makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to invest in a reliable and versatile audio component.


Q1: What are the specifications of the Mission 778X?

A1: The Mission 778X offers a power output of 45W per channel into 8 ohms, featuring a Class AB amplifier design, a high-resolution DAC supporting 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256, and a range of connectivity options including Bluetooth and a built-in phono stage.

Q2: How does the Mission 778X compare in price to similar amplifiers?

A2: The Mission 778X is competitively priced at £549, offering a robust feature set and sound quality that rivals higher-priced amplifiers in its category.

Q3: Can you provide a comparison between the Mission 778X and Cyrus One?

A3: While both the Mission 778X and Cyrus One are respected integrated amplifiers, the 778X is praised for its digital connectivity and high-resolution DAC, whereas the Cyrus One is often highlighted for its unique design and sound engineering.

Q4: Is there a user manual available for the Mission 778X?

A4: Yes, the Mission 778X comes with a comprehensive manual that guides users through setup, operation, and maintenance, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Q5: How does the Mission 778X stand against the Audiolab 6000a?

A5: The Audiolab 6000a and the Mission 778X are both acclaimed for their audio quality and feature set. The choice between them may depend on specific needs for connectivity and personal sound preferences.