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Optoma UHZ66 Review

Saed Miran |

Welcome to our Optoma UHZ66 review, who have once again captured the attention of the gaming and tech world with its latest offering – the UHZ66. Tailored to deliver a high-calibre gaming experience, this projector promises super-bright, immersive images with incredibly low input lag, making it a potential game-changer. We delve into its capabilities, offering insights for gamers and home cinema lovers alike.

Design and Build 

To start off our Optoma UHZ66 review, we start off with design and build quality. Echoing the classic DLP projector design, the Optoma UHZ66 sports a minimalist white plastic chassis, offering both portability and practicality. Despite its unassuming exterior, it packs a punch with its advanced features. The lens controls, conveniently located for easy access, and the compact remote enhance user experience, though the lack of backlight on the remote may pose a challenge in darker settings.

Features and Performance 

Under the hood, the UHZ66 boasts a laser-powered light source capable of emitting 4000 lumens, promising longevity and consistent performance with up to 30,000 hours of life. Its HDR10 and HLG support, combined with a 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensure a visually stunning experience. However, it's the incredibly low latency – as low as 4ms – that will particularly appeal to gamers seeking a responsive, immersive experience.

Comparative Analysis 

Against its peers in the crowded DLP market, the UHZ66 stands out with its affordability and performance. While it may not cater to the absolute high end of 4K/120Hz gaming, its price point and feature set make it a strong contender for those seeking a balance of quality and value.

User Experience and Setup 

Installation and setup are straightforward, thanks to the projector's compact design. The manual lens controls, while basic, are sufficient for most setups. However, its limited vertical and horizontal adjustments may require some planning for optimal placement.

Pros and Cons 

The Optoma UHZ66 shines with its bright imagery and impressive HDR performance, ideal for both gaming and watching movies. The projector, however, does fall short in delivering deep blacks, a common limitation among DLP projectors. For movie enthusiasts, this might be a deal-breaker, but for gamers and general users, the UHZ66's strengths in brightness and response time offer a satisfying experience.

Our Conclusion of the Optoma UHZ66 

The Optoma UHZ66 is a noteworthy addition to Optoma's 4K HDR projector line-up. Excelling in the gaming domain with its sharp images, high brightness, and low input lag, it caters brilliantly to the needs of gamers. While film aficionados might seek better black levels, for those after a bright, responsive, and affordable big-screen experience, the UHZ66 is a strong choice. We hope our Optoma UHZ66 review helps you in making your decision!


  1. What makes the Optoma UHZ66 ideal for gaming?

    The Optoma UHZ66 is particularly suited for gaming due to its low input lag, with latency measurements as low as 4ms for 1080p/240Hz gaming. This, combined with its 4K HDR DLP capabilities and 4000 lumens brightness, provides gamers with super-bright, immersive images, making it a top choice for a responsive and engaging gaming experience.

  2. How does the UHZ66 projector compare to other projectors in its price range?

    In the crowded market of DLP projectors, the Optoma UHZ66 stands out for its affordability and specific features. While it may lack some high-end features like 4K/120Hz support, its combination of high brightness, extended lifespan, and low input lag at its price point (£1,799 in the UK, $2,999 in the US) makes it a compelling option for gamers and tech enthusiasts.

  3. What are the key features of the Optoma UHZ66 projector?

    Key features of the UHZ66 include its 4K HDR10/HLG and Full HD 3D support, a laser-powered light source providing 4000 lumens of brightness, very low latency for gaming, and an integrated speaker. These features are designed to enhance the viewing experience, especially for gaming and general home cinema use.

  4. Does the UHZ66 projector support 3D content?

    Yes, the Optoma UHZ66 fully supports 3D content. Users will need to purchase additional third-party active shutter glasses to enjoy 3D movies. The projector's high brightness and fast response times make for an excellent 3D viewing experience with minimal cross-talk.

  5. Are there any limitations to consider before purchasing the UHZ66?

    Potential buyers should note a few limitations of the UHZ66. It lacks HDMI 2.1 inputs, limiting the projector to 4K/60Hz, and it doesn't support HDR10+ or dynamic metadata. Additionally, the manual lens controls do not accommodate lens memories, which might be a consideration for users with wider aspect ratio screens. Lastly, the black levels of the UHZ66 are not as deep as some might prefer, particularly for dark movie scenes.