The Perfect Hi-Fi Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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The Perfect Hi-Fi Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Getting flowers, chocolates, and some clothes always seems too repetitive on a Mother’s Day, so why not switch it up this year? We're getting something that can lost a long time is the perfect gift, at a deadend on what to get her? Worry not, we have a few gift ideas that are sure to put a smile in their face.

1: For entertainment mums…


What’s better than relaxing on the sofa watching your favourite Sunday night show with your mum.

Whether she’s into horror or a good old comedy, she’ll enjoy the Sony Bravia kD55X89JU 55’’ LED 4k Ultra HD HDR Smart Google TV  with its rich and bright colours, not to mention experience the natural and lifelike visuals with it’s ability to reproduce over a billion shades and hues.

With Google’s Assistant, you can simply use your voice to navigate the TV. Ask Google to find any specific film/tv-show, search by genre or give a personalized recommendation by simply saying ‘’Ok Google, what should I watch?’’. Now that sound’s like a perfect gift, but we’re not done yet!

2: For classy mums

A new bed is one thing, but what’s better than a turntable with some Bluetooth wireless connectivity? The Audio Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB Direct-Drive Turntable (Analogue, Wireless & USB).

She’ll love playing her vinyl records the way she wants, all in high fidelity. And that’s because of Audio-Technica’s great use of professional grade component s to ensure a masterful sound. Jamming to some music will never be the same for her again; plug your turntable and get spinning.

3: For outgoing mums…

There are times you can count how your mother has nagged about her not having some peace and quiet to herself? Well, we’ve got something that’ll put her nightmare to an end with the Panasonic RBM300BE Cordless H/Phones CR.

Whether or not she’s a fan of Queen, The Beatles, or even Drake (Yes I said it, Drake), she’ll fall in love with the powerful deep bass, feeling every impact of dynamic sound with her entire body as if she’s in the same room with them.

That’s not it, she’ll experience the comfortable side pressure dispersion to help spread out that lateral pressure around her ears for a more longer lasting music sessions without her feeling uncomfortable.