Film Review: The Batman

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Film Review: The Batman

The new Matt Reeves film ''The Batman'' has been released in theatres with a new actor, Robert Pattinson, taking on the Caped Crusader’s role. The story is shown to be set two years after Bruce Wayne takes on the role of Batman to serve justice in Gotham City.

Batman discovers the continuous corruption within Gotham City, working together with Lieutenants James Gordan (played by Jeffrey Wright) in hopes of taking down Gotham’s well-known villain, The Riddler (played by Paul Dano). The ‘’Dark Knight trilogy’’ directed by Christopher Nolan has been adored by the DC community, there have been thoughts if there will ever be a Batman film being able to reach its level and most believed that the ‘’Dark Knight trilogy’’ would always stay on top. However, the ideal vision that Matt Reeves has for this film could prove to be a worthy opponent against ‘’The Dark Knight’’ trilogy as Reeves has surpassed his expectations, creating a mystifying superhero film that takes high expectations from critics and day one Batman fans.

Throughout each Batman film, every director has put in their own unique style into their Dark Knight and the City of Gotham. There’s been Zack Snyder’s political thriller atmosphere, Nolan’s established practicality, but with Reeve’s perspective we see a more crime-riddled Gotham that feels like an actual city, applied with its dark atmosphere and rain-soaked scenery set right at the start of Halloween season.

In the film, the Caped Crusader’s journal entry in a prior scene, and we learn that crime has risen since his arrival. He has become the symbol of a villain’s worst nightmare and darkness around Gotham, this is evident in a scene where Batman takes on a gang and undertones’ ‘’I’m vengeance.’’ The locations that Batman ventures off to throughout his journey is outstanding, encountering friends and foes that resonates well within Reeves’ vision on the adored comic character. The film does a superb job tributing the other films in the genre. Its approach matches the character that we know as Batman flawlessly, as we get to see him do a lot of detective work alongside Lieutenant Gordan to uncover the Riddler’s perplex puzzles as he is the only police officer shown to be on Batman’s side whilst the rest of the Gotham police view Batman as a terrifying violent outlaw. As we all know, the character Bruce Wayne is commonly depicted as a billionaire playboy, but in this film he has yet to learn and build his different public persona, which seems to be a good take by Reeves.

We discover that Catwoman is played by Zoë Kravitz, which is an exemplary match to the film. The two characters have a great dynamic with each other that goes further than to be expected. Catwoman’s goals in throughout this film grows to be more distinctive. The final ingredient to this film which makes it complete is the villains. The way Dano presents his unsettling character The Riddler is a fantastic portrayal of a Batman villain, he’s shown to be creepy and unpredictable. Not only that but the Penguin played by Colin Farrell, his makeup gives the villain a new appearance, but his voice and lingo are differently from Farrell’s that he vanishes in a sinister role filled with humour and much charisma.

The Batman is what I can say everything a superhero film should be. Presenting many characters in each scene back and forth, with every shot perfectly crafted, and the great pacing makes the long runtime feel slightly shorter. This film is a must-see, it’s a cinematic event with a touch of Matt Reeves’ inspiration. A great standard that every film creator wants to reach

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