NOW! ThAt-At's What I Call Music - #StarWarsBands

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NOW! ThAt-At's What I Call Music - #StarWarsBands

We love to get creative here at Superfi. 

As seen with our Apple and The Beatles collaboration, we often like to create things that are a little out of the ordinary. 

This time, we've decided to mix popular albums with Star Wars references. Why? 

...Why NOT? 

Obi Wan Direction - Up All Knight

Obi Wan Direction

Rolling Clones - Tatooine You

Rolling Clones Tatooine You

Lady JarJar - The Shame

Lady JarJar - The Shame

JABBA - Gold (Greatest Hutts)

JABBA Gold (Greatest Hutts)

Taylor Sith - 1977

Taylor Sith 1977

Boba Fettshop Boys - AT-ATually

Boba Fettshop Boys

GreedoDay - Wookie

GreedoDay - Wookiee

Tupacca - All Jediz on Me

Tupacca - All Jediz on Me

Hoth Chocolate - 20 Hothest Hits

Hoth Chocolate - 20 Hothest Hits

JEdi Sheeran - X

j ED i Sheeran - X

R2DMC feat.  Aerosith - Ewok This Way

R2DMC feat Aerosith - Ewok This Way

Republic Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet 

Republic Enemy -Fear of a Black Planet

The Sex Blasters - Never Mind the Sarlaccs

Sex Blasters

Yavin 5 - V

Maroon 5 -V

Narrowly missing out on album inclusions were Jamiroquai-Gon Jin and Pink Droid's Darth Side of the Moon. 

Do you have any Star Wars puns? Use the hashtag #StarWarsBands on Twitter and let's see what you can come up with! 

Unfortunately these albums aren't for sale and you won't be able to blare them through your headphones when pumping iron or out on a jog. However, feel free to share them around the internet as you wish.