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Another blog post republished from the past. Still relevant we thinks!

Netflix Shows Ruined with Subtle Title Tweaks

Are you on the lookout for the next big thing to have on in the background whilst you Netflix and chill? 

Rather than helping you find the most amazing show in the world, we thought it would be good to tell you the TV shows to avoid. 

Whilst some of these show spinoffs may be highly rated, we simply could not advise watching them because they don't exist there are better shows out there.   

Find our cynical and not-so-apologetic reviews below. 

Baking Bad

Baking Bad

Paul Hollywood's portrayal of the leader of the 'Soggy Bottom' baking cartel is anything but scary; in fact he's almost endearing. 

His on-screen battle with young chef Jesse Pinkman could have done with a little more time in the proving drawer. 

House of Kards

House of Kards

This is actually some of the Kardashians' best work, which admittedly isn't saying much. 

Kanye's efforts to act were questionable at best, with him insisting on shouting every line and an almost instinctive desire to change the script to promote his latest album at any opportunity. 

Orange is the New Apple

Orange is the new

It's nice seeing a convicted felon trying to make amends and do something with their life, but there has to be more exciting ways to do this for the purposes of a TV show. 

There was one episode that caught my eye, 'Writer's Block' was an intriguing and psychological affair which [SPOILER ALERT] involved the main character Piper Chapman staring at her laptop screen for a whole hour and doing absolutely nothing of note. 

Sad Men

Bad Men

They say it takes a real man to cry, but crying men do not make a real TV show. Not one that bases its entire plot around that anyway. 

Sad Men, whilst featuring emotional characters, was not a tearjerker and frankly it is a bit bemusing as to why Netflix have ordered another series. 

Arrested Developers

Arrested Develop

You know how Michael Cera looks like he accidentally showed up at the wrong place and the wrong time during casting auditions, randomly got given the job as an actor and felt too shy or awkward to say anything? This. Plus computer geeks. 

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