How to build the perfect Hi-Fi System

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Having the perfect hi-fi system is like forming one of the greatest footballers together. It’s all about balance as much as the quality of each individual product. The total should gross to more than, or at the very least equal, the sum of its parts.

Balance is one of those ideas that can be hard to designate, not only that but to achieve as well. It all ends with trial and error, there are most suggestions that will provide you support and, touch wood, that it’ll take you on your route to your satisfaction.

Superfi are here to help you out and assemble your team with the right components and create the perfect hi-fi system for you.

Setting a budget

Now, the first few things you’re probably wondering about is: ‘’what will I be using this hi-fi system for?’’, and ‘’how much will I be willing to spend?’’. It all depends on the source you’ll be using for this, if you’re someone who mostly plays vinyl’s then you’ll need to consider a stereo amplifier with a phono stage or a turntable. If it happens to be music from your hi-fi system, you’ll want to consider Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Making a list

It's important to make a checklist of things you want along with your hi-fi system, for instance: headphones output or Bluetooth – and then focus on the things that are most essential to this and those that aren’t necessities.

Create a practical budget – this will help you lay out your money more accurately. Ultimately, there’s no need of buying your dream speaker only for it to match a budget turntable and a second-hand amplifier you found.

There’s a lot more when it comes to building the perfect hi-fi system than just simply purchasing components that retail at a comparable price, but setting your budget accurately will definitely put you on the right track.

Prepare for what’s next

There’s a chance you may have space restrictions. If you don’t have a room for multiple components, you’ll need to think about if you can gather certain functions together like a amplifier and CD player combined to lower the number of boxes in your set-up, this could also save up your budget not having to worry about buying the other features.

Overall, this shouldn’t affect the condition of your system, not only that, but it isn’t an option that needs to be decided only on space, although you must consider which parts you’re most likely wanting to upgrade, this will help your system stay ahead of it’s time.

Choose the right speakers

It’s well known that stereo speakers behave differently depending on what they’re placed in a room, not only that but how close they are together as well and any walls nearby. Superfi suggests that you should measure the dimensions of your room when it comes to things like choosing the ideal speaker. It’s not a good idea to be unique when placing where you want your speakers to be, there’s a chance they might come with instructions on where to place them.

Consider any option available

There’s a chance you’re not someone building the perfect hi-fi system from scratch. Maybe you’re someone who already has all the elements.

Specific products may not be perfect all-rounders, but there’s a chance they could fill in the certain aspects you’re looking for. Like they say in life, the little things can have the biggest influence, and with this case that’s system building.

System suggestions

That’s all, folks, but just not yet. Building your perfect hi-fi system often takes a lot of research and inspiration to help spark your mind to what you need. At Superfi we have various hi-fi system that could be a piece to creating your hi-fi system.

Take a look at a few that may be of inspiration to you and begin to carve your dream hi-fi system: