Black Friday Explained

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday started in America and is the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday. Since the 1950’s Thanksgiving has been seen as the start of America’s holiday season/Christmas shopping period. Because of this, some retailers offer discounts on their products, luring consumers in to buy presents from them for Christmas. The term “Black Friday” only really took off in the UK around 2013, when ASDA (a subsidiary of Walmart at the time) first started advertising sales on Black Friday. In 2014 many of the UK’s etailers followed suit, promoting Black Friday deals and discounts. Superfi have been offering Black Friday deals since then and this year will be no exception.


When is Black Friday 2021?

This year, Black Friday falls on 26 November 2021. But the date changes every year, because Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November (the day after Thanksgiving).


How long does Black Friday last?

The official Black Friday sales last from the Friday after Thanksgiving, until the following Monday, three days later. Which is another day of sales, called Cyber Monday. However, many etailers start their Black Friday sales earlier, offering a longer period for customers to claim better prices on products. The Superfi Black Friday offers will be whilst stocks last, so don’t delay on the day and keep checking back throughout November as the deals are added.


What’s Cyber Monday?

As night follows day, Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. This day is also marked by etailers with sales and is seen to be tied in with Black Friday deals. The Monday after Thanksgiving was statistically seen to be the most popular day for online shopping of the year. So stores began promoting Cyber Monday-specific deals on their websites, to drive even more sales after Black Friday. The term “Cyber Monday” was originally coined in 2005 to promote these deals and encourage shoppers to buy online. As well as Black Friday deals, Superfi will always have great deals for Cyber Monday from 29 November 2021.