Film Review: Turning Red

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Film Review: Turning Red

Most adults know that life in the teenage years is rough. With too many things to deal with at once, a lot happens at the moment that can trigger the nerves of any growing-up teenager. Pixar has put together another yet great heartfelt and comedic cultural animated movie.


The movie ‘Turning Red’ seems to really presents what life is often like as a young-teenage girl; fangirling over the latest boy band, school crushes and rebelling against your parents to go to concerts. A 13-year-old overachieving Asian child and perfectionist mother who’s often strict towards Mei Mei, which makes for the stereotypical Asian parent-kid dynamic. The long-established mother wishes her daughter to stick to her roots and refrain from bad influences.


But aside from seeing it at first sight, ‘Turning Red’ justifies itself by accomplishing much more than what we expected. The irritating process through puberty is metaphorical, presented as a giant red panda who emits a range of emotions every time Mei Mei undergoes mood-swings. Mei Mei’s continuous attempt to win over her mother’s approval is reflected by her mother Ming Lee’s need for the same from her mother.


It's not only that love-hate connection Mei Mei has with her mother that’s unbalanced. Mei Mei is also fortunate to have a strong friend group, which consists of an Indian, Korean, and Canadian girl showing a great composition. The girlfriend group's love for the boy band ‘4-Town’ shows a variety of opportunity for real moments of friendship between the four, who may have cultural differences due to their backgrounds, stand as rock for each minor hiccups on the way.


With a spirited animation along with eloquent and blaring characters make ‘Turning Red’ an eventful, enjoyable, family friendly movie to watch at the same instance dealing with important topics with immense care. The voice cast did a great job in brining the characters to life and making them seem relatable to nowadays young teenagers filled with ingenuity, excitement and freedom from blame.


Pixar has presented a great course with a memorable form of magical stories. Imaginable scenes, young achieving teenage girls driving the plot, and relatable conflict at home, mixed with a personal female experience, presented in a colourful animation and meaningful analogy make ‘Turning Red’ a must-watch, especially for kids who can relate to these characters.

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