Film Review: Morbius

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Film Review: Morbius

At the beginning of the film, we’re introduced to Dr. Michael Morbius (played by Jared Leto) who’s announced a Nobel Prize winner with a crippling blood disease he’s promised to cure. His company Horizon’s breakthrough is an artificial blood that has done miracles saving countless lives – the liquid is seen as sea foam coloured, portraying the film's outlying blasts of colour amidst decaying darkness.


Morbius teams up with a scientist and later-on romantic interest Matrine Bancroft (Adria Arjorna), along with his unwell friend Milo (Matt Smith) since their previous days of health care treatment. One of the first issues in Morbius is how the origin beats cycle through the tedious motions. Dr. Mobius is a character that’s lacking spirit with his condition because we all know he’ll eventually turn into a vampire/man-bat, there is also no creativity dump exposition that could have been studied as an introductory text scroll. There have been many superheroes and villains that have bragged too much about their repeated creation tale – writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless spare no effort to set apart Morbius’ emergence, notwithstanding introducing such a horror-forward character.


Morbius undergoes initial motions, only to settle down just as our interests’ climaxes. There’s always an opening move film that exists because it’s there for later reasons, which this film doesn’t do as it speeds up through most clarifications or illustrative advancement. Morbius seems kinda mixed up out of a random superhero book, made from random parts – except for Matt Smith’s representation of Milo. He seems to have just ventured off the set of ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’, letting his debonair underworld adventurer a lively the film really needs.


It's shown most of the time that Matt Smith does a good job stealing the spotlight on each scene, in spite of Dr. Morbius' name and the title of the film being his name. Matt Smith has proven many times on how such a good actor he is from the classic ''Doctor Who'' to ''The Crown'', and now performing his character really so bloody good, to the point where the film slightly seems more enticing to watch.


Conclusion: Unfortunately, Morbius is presented to be a waste of potential of something that could've been bigger. The whole films seem to take an inspiration from horror accents and a few cheesy jokes about Dracula. That's how the film seems to put its take into the MCU (Marvel Universe). Morbius is trying too hard to push Sony's Spider-Man Universe and promising sequels, that it forgets to please the audience.


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