Vinyl Revival - A brief timeline

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Vinyl Revival - A brief timeline
A timeline of the Vinyl...
The 1950's
The monochrome 50’s saw the start of the little Polyvinyl Chloride spinning discs provide endless hours of enjoyment through music. It was a great way to explore music from around the globe and soon became a collectable item with fans also buying a vinyl record for it's cover artwork.
The 1980's
All was well until the late 1980’s when the ever popular vinyl was starting to largely be replaced by the Compact Disc. The vinyl discs started to fade away to the background as CD was seen as the more convenient and the ‘new’ must-have technology around.
The 1990's
The vinyl disc had by now been pushed right to the back, leaving the Compact Disc (CD) at the forefront for the new and old generation's music requirements. The best bit? You could take a CD out and about on the bus or on your paper-round with the portable CD players.
The 2000's
However, in 2007 vinyl sales started to climb their way back into peoples lives. This was mostly due to digital streaming proving itself to be the way forward in convenience... but not quality. As a population, we enjoyed the convenience of digital music, mobile phones started coming through that would hold an MP3 file, AND you could even set your favorite tune as your ringtone! But we started to miss the quality that the vinyl disc once gave us. On the shelves of Hi-Fi stores, we began to see a slow re-introduction of record players including Sony, Denon and of course Technics. 
The 2010's
By the early 2010’s, sales of both vinyl discs and players were growing at an extremely fast rate. This was the beginning of the ‘Vinyl Revival’. This is where record stores came up with the internationally celebrated ‘Record Store Day’ to help boost the ‘Vinyl Revival’. In November 2014, it was reported that over one million vinyl records had been sold in the UK since the beginning of the year. Sales had not reached this level since 1996! 
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