The Best TV's For 2022

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The Best TV's For 2022

Best TVs for 2022

This year, TV’s are getting better than ever, but ultimately the best TV all revolves around to where and how you wish to use it. We’re going to present a few of our favorite for different scenarios.


The TV for movie lovers – Sony XR42A90KU 42” Bravia XR Master Series OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Google TV



One of the best-reviewed TVs on the market is consistently Sony's beautiful top-of-the-line MASTER Series OLED. Additionally, a Quantum Dot layer has been added to the A95K this year to improve colour volume. In addition to the endless contrast that made OLED TVs renowned, the new Cognitive Processor's power enables exceptionally vivid colour and lifelike texture at any brightness level. Simply add popcorn and enjoy, that's all.



  • With XR OLED Motion you won‚Äôt miss a glimpse of any action, as there have been extra frames added to shorten the blur for a much more smoother, clear and bright picture.
  • BRAVIA CORE (Streaming Service) Allows you to take a look as much movies you wish to watch being exclusively open to BRAVIA XR users.
  • With the power of Google TV you‚Äôre able to watch streaming services like Disney+, Netflix and much more!


The TV for the hardcore gamers – Panasonic TX55JZ980B OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

With the Panasonic TX-55JZ980B 55-inch 4K OLED Smart TV, you can experience action performances right in your own house thanks to the enhanced visual quality that an OLED screen offers.



  • Take advantage of Game Mode Extreme to enjoy your games on the 4K OLED Big Screen. You can experience fluid 4K pictures with lower reaction latencies for quicker and more responsive gameplay and a more immersive experience when using a system that supports HDMI 2.1 with High Frame Rates (HFR), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and AMD FreeSync Premium certified system.
  • With the help of advanced coding, the Dolby Atmos technology gives your TV's built-in speakers and audio processors the immersive sound you need to get lost in whatever you're watching.
  • Your new 4K OLED Panel utilises individually illuminated cells that are managed by the HCX Pro AI Processor and utilise Multi HDR Forma to provide the gorgeous natural colour with great contrast. Your TV can enhance the colour accuracy, contrast, and fine clarity, frame by frame, by quickly analysing the media you've selected.


The Best Cheap TV – Panasonic TX50JX850B 50” LED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV

The HDR Bright Panel Plus screen of the stylish JX850 Series LED TV makes it perfect for any room. The picture is automatically adjusted by our HCX AI Processor to meet the requirements of fast-paced sports, video games, or the newest high-definition drama series.



  • With the addition of immersive Dolby Atmos¬Æ technology, our sound processing can give you the impression that you are watching from the greatest seat in the house.
  • The new HCX AI processor in this model produces realistic colour, contrast, and razor-sharp clarity, making it ideal for fast-moving action.



The best idea is always sticking to the major product brands, there’s no such thing as a bad TV these days, when selecting the model that suits your needs it mostly comes down to what kind of content you want to watch and what your room is like.

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