Product Review: Cyrus Soundbuds2

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Product Review: Cyrus Soundbuds2

Technology moves at a fast pace. There have been lots of earbuds in the market recently and this one has definitely caught my attention, with Cyrus offering their Soundbuds2 for £89!


It’s genuine-pebble smooth look with a gunmetal black case is perfectly compact, being a comfortable wear.  They fit securely when you’re going out for a morning run or even lifting a couple of weights in the weight room, and for those that live in the UK know how the weather has it’s mood-swings, well these earphones happen to be IPX5 water-resistant meaning they’re British-weather friendly.


It's light and small sized earbuds are great enough, with navigate able touch controls like on/off and play/pause nothing too complicated. To go onto the previous track simply double tap on the left  and forward, simply do the same for the right.


When it comes to Bluetooth pairing, it's shown really easy, with acknowledgements coming through in-ear voice prompts. You can also activate and use your own choice of voice assistant, the connectivity is superb at being stable, with no slight delays or random pauses. Not only that but the call quality seems to be in good condition with the frequency response being 20Hz to 20kHz is claimed being quite pleasant.


With that in mind, these perfect Cyrus Soundbuds2 are most comfortable, light with a fair sound profile with reassurance that a familiar brand comes into the mix. A whole package that adds up to a great, reasonable price for a piece of earbuds.

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