How To Game In 4K

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How To Game In 4K

If you’re either a Sony PlayStation 5 or Microsoft Xbox Series X/S user, we’d like to give you some advantages of all the nice benefits you can add on for these next-gen consoles, you’re going to need more than just the console itself ????.


Let’s talk about how to set up a strong A/V system for next-gen gaming, before we start we’re gonna need a few pieces to this puzzle, we’ll start off by taking a look at everything from picking the right TV to then building a sound system made for gaming, let’s get things started.


Next-Gen Gaming Features You’re Gonna Need To Look For


We’re now in a world where manufactures have developed gaming and design for their products with some next-gen consoles in mind. What you’re going to see next are a couple gaming features you’ll want to think about getting when choosing a 4K Ultra HD TV or either a home theatre receiver.


ALLM (Auto Low-Latency Mode)


This gives a signal to your TV to automatically alter into a gaming-focused (low lag) preset when it happens to detect a signal from a gaming source. With this it’ll keep your controls responsive and in-sync with the action onscreen.


VRR (Variable Refresh Rate


This dynamically adjusts your TV’s refresh rate to complement the frame rate of your game. It keeps your visuals smooth by not allowing any shuddering or screen tearing.


Here are some TVs that happen to support both. Or if you’re connecting to a larger A/V system, you may want a receiver that does as well.


A dazzling sight



Most kids till now have grown up watching the graphics on their favourite games progress to improve throughout the years. Playing content that performs in a crisp 4K resolution must be one of the biggest seductions for a gamer. And is it worth it? Most definitely!


The power of 4K resolution provides an even greater level of clarity for us gamers, allowing us to see our favourite games in a more detailed level. To be able to catch the glint of a sniper’s lens from afar can tip you off in enough time to take cover or even turn the tables and pick them off from a distance.


Your next-gen console cannot do all the work by itself, though. We can’t enjoy 4K enough without a 4K Ultra HD TV. We can connect our consoles directly to a 4K TV, but there are some weighty reasons to connect a component A/V system instead.


120Hz Refresh Rate = Smooth Gameplay



A TV’s refresh rate can allow us to figure out many times a second if the image on your screen completely refreshes. For this to happen, we’re gonna need a 4K-TV that can support a 120Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate also puts your motion blur to a minimum.

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