Goodbye Dolby Atmos: New Tech From Samsung & Google to Take Over

Goodbye Dolby Atmos: New Tech From Samsung & Google to Take Over

Saed Miran |

Tech Giants Present Their Take on 3D Spatial Audio

The field of audio technology is constantly developing, and Samsung and Google's recent partnership has created excitement with the release of their 'Immersive Audio Model and Formats' (IAMF). This innovative 3D spatial audio technology could potentially compete with the popular Dolby Atmos, promising to transform auditory experiences across multiple entertainment platforms.

Introduction to 3D Spatial Audio

3D Spatial Audio is a groundbreaking audio technology that creates a three-dimensional audio landscape, providing unparalleled immersion and realism in entertainment.

Samsung and Google Collaboration: Project Caviar

The origins of IAMF can be traced back to 2020 when Samsung and Google collaborated on 'Project Caviar' to redefine audio-visual technology by creating open-source and royalty-free HDR video and 3D audio alternatives.

Understanding IAMF: Immersive Audio Model and Formats

IAMF rests on three fundamental pillars:

  • Vertical Sound: Redefining the audio space by enabling listeners to perceive sound from all directions, creating a heightened sense of realism.
  • AI Scene Analysis: Employing AI and deep learning to dynamically adjust audio levels based on scene analysis, ensuring a harmonious audio experience.
  • User-Customised Audio: Granting users the freedom to personalize their audio preferences, tailoring the audio journey to their liking.
IAMF's Impact on Audio Realism

WooHyun Nam, a member of Samsung Research’s Visual Technology Team, highlights the impressive abilities of IAMF in providing an immersive audio experience that goes beyond the usual auditory reception.

AI Integration and Sound Adjustment

IAMF's integration of AI technology has made it possible to intelligently balance sound elements, enhancing the user's experience and creating a seamless, immersive narrative.

Personalized Customization with IAMF

Users can customize their auditory experience by using IAMF's personalized options to accentuate sound effects or enhance dialogues to suit their preferences.

Samsung's Stance: IAMF vs. Dolby Atmos

Samsung's adoption of IAMF has raised questions about the future of Dolby Atmos in Samsung TVs and could potentially signal a paradigm shift in the audio-visual industry.

Prospects: IAMF's Unveiling at CES 2024

The unveiling of IAMF at CES 2024 could offer further insights into the technology and generate excitement about the next era of immersive audio technology.


The collaboration between Samsung and Google marks a significant milestone in the evolution of audio technology, with IAMF poised to redefine auditory experiences. The upcoming showcase at CES 2024 is expected to generate even more excitement and anticipation in the tech world.