Album Review: Gemini Rights - Steve Lacy Breaks His Boundaries

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Album Review: Gemini Rights - Steve Lacy Breaks His Boundaries

Steve Lacy has continued to push his boundaries through each song he makes, with his musical origins surpassing the average credentials a listener would expect for a well-known artist to have big hit songs like ‘’Dark Red’’ and ‘’Infrunami’’ are popular on every TikTok viral hits, and not only that but his new single ‘’Bad Habit’’ hit the par. His previous album Apollo XXI reached far beyond people’s expectations with his vocals and instrumentals perfectly being in synch and set in motion with genuine lyricism to form a great album.


With the lead single ‘’Mercury’’ being a teaser for the album we see Lacy broadening his horizons with his genre proving how much he’s able to break his boundaries, which some artists may find hard to do if they aren’t as malleable to do so. As we know of today Lacy expresses how significant it is to have control of the narrative within music, displaying his life into his music. We notice that on ‘’Gemini Rights’’ Lacy very much talks about his past relationships and heartbreaks into an engaging song, although it isn’t all rainy clouds on this album. With ‘’Sunshine’’ being warm, especially with the feature of rising R&B star Fousheé who’s vocals appeared to blend well with the musicals along with Lacy’s vocals.


(Steve Lacy's Mercury cover)


It could also be explained within the song '’Amber’’, it’s flavourful instrumental and Lacy’s high notes repeatedly saying ‘’I wish I never met you no more’’, trying to make this manifestation come to reality. Despite this, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter wishes to move on from the painful memories of his past relationship throughout the entire album. If the line "I could do better" from the frank song "Cody Freestyle" isn't enough, consider the line from the equally excellent "Helmet": "I'm not for sale / Man, what the hell?".


Lacy expresses throughout the album of '’knowing your worth’’, and more so the goofiness and luminance on songs like the above said "Sunshine" ("Still give you dick anytime you need") serve as a lesson for all that pain and grief will not really have to be an all-consuming sense of loss, but neither do we need to be entirely devoured by it. This also prevents the entire body of work from becoming one that wallows completely in self-pity.


Overall the album Gemini Rights is Steve Lacy showing us who he really is and always will be. This melancholy album presents him in tracks in his own narrative as flexible as he is being able to transcend a genre and to still stay in his position. Steve Lacy perfectly forms the album in a carefree original, with such malleability to forge its excellence.

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